Environmental and sustainability

We sincerely recognise that our operations as a company have an impact on the environment at local, regional and global level and that the actions of today will have an impact on the ability of future generations.

Internally, our people are committed to monitoring our environmental performance and achieving continuous improvement by aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our office(s) and activities of staff. We do this by targeting reductions in energy consumption, waste and the use of non-renewable resources. We actively promote recycling and the use of public transport wherever feasible.

Externally, as a consultancy company in the construction and property industry, we work with clients, fellow consultants, suppliers and contractors to promote sustainable practices. Wherever possible the option of utilising environmentally sustainable processes will be evaluated and promoted.

We are proud to hold and maintain ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation.

A full copy of Aspect 4 Limited's Environmental and Sustainability Policy can be provided up on request.

thinking green means more than just our colour...